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February 2023 “Hear For Hope”

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Annabelle Jacobs

February 2023

    Hear For Hope


A Note from Mitchel Shapiro, Founder & CEO of Help America Hear Inc. a registered 501c3 not for profit orgaization…

Part of our goal is to provide useful information about all things related to hearing loss, how to’s, suggestions on treatment options, education and of course human interest stories.  Just recently, I was introduced to this young woman who I must say, for her age, is as fascinating as she is articulate. Through a youtube platform, she gives advice to parents of children who are newly diagnosed with hearing loss.

Her name is Annabelle Jacobs and she is a high school senior with moderate to severe bilateral hearing loss and wears hearing aids. Annabelle is the creator of “Hear for Hope”, a YouTube channel she started to help parents who have children recently diagnosed with hearing loss. I personally feel the videos are truly worth your time to watch  since most comes from first hand experiences.

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Annabelle Jacobs link to her youtube blog “Hear for Hope”

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