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Help America Hear History


Help America Hear was originally established  in 2004, as Foundation for Sight & Sound. The  initial mission was to  raise money to grant to other not for profits. The grants were used to start or continue projects which had a positive impact  on the lives of individuals in the “vision & hearing communities.”


During the sixteen years of operation, the organization slowly moved away from providing grants, creating  its own programs which consisted of The Library Project, Trek Program, Scholarship & The Help America Hear Program.


After careful consideration,   in 2018, the Board of Directors determined it was becoming a difficult challenge to  focus and provide adequate assistance for two different communities. A path was chosen to enable the organization to utilize  the most viable partnerships & resources  that provided  the  direct results for the programs. In March of 2019, Help America Hear Inc. was legally recognized as a New York State registered   501c3 not for profit charitable organization.


Our mission is to provide hearing aids through an application process to qualified individuals with limited financial resources who cannot obtain them on their own, as well as a scholarship to help fund the educational opportunities


Our Programs

  • In 2009, the Help America Hear Program was initiated to provide hearing aids nationally, to men, women & children with limited financial resources who were  unable  to obtain them on their own.


  • In 2011, Foundation for Sight & Sound created  a variety of scholarships  for vision & hearing challenged high school seniors heading to college for the first time.



  • In 2019 The Help America Hear Scholarship was revised only to provide a financial award along with state-of-the-art new hearing aids to high school seniors with hearing loss  heading to college for the first time.